Not everyone’s story is the same, just like not everyone is the same. Honestly, wouldn’t this world be incredibly boring if we were in fact… all the same?

We live in a society that tells us that if you are this size, you are beautiful. If you have this color hair or hairstyle, you will be pretty. If you are “just like this”, or “only like that”, or “be more like her”, and “just do what he does”, we will be identified as “ideal or normal.“I say, “no.”

Because I know that trying to be someone I am not, will just make me miserable. I’ve been there. I have tried in more ways than one to be “that girl” that I thought was going to get me noticed by my friends, by boys, by anyone. Sure, it worked for a while, until I found myself sitting on the bathroom floor crying one night because I was so exhausted trying to be this girl that I thought I was suppose to be striving for.

Now, I am not sure what your story is, but I am sure you can go back to a time in your life, or a moment, where you tried to conform to who society says you should be. It can be straining and take a toil on someone, especially a young male or female, specifically in middle school, high school, even college and it doesn’t even stop there. It trickles into adulthood and pierces at the heart. “If you could be more like this mom”, maybe your kids will like you. “If you hung out more with your kids instead of working”, maybe your wife and your children would appreciate you more. “If you just worked harder”, “if you only spent more time in church”, “if you only took better care of yourself”. These thoughts creep into our hearts and minds, if you say that they don’t or they haven’t before…I think I’d be amazed.

There is a fine line between doing something for yourself and doing something for others or because you want to conform to society. I have found many times that I think I am doing something for myself, then I take a step back and realize that I was doing it to please or satisfy someone else. BUT, there have been more times, recently, where I have started doing things because I WANT TO and because I have a PASSION for something. It takes time and a whole lot of courage to stand up for what you believe in and to break away from what society says is “beautiful” and create your own beautiful. It is worth it though.

This is what is so beautiful about Jesus and the gospel. We are called to walk in the fullness of God and just be OURSELVES. God doesn’t call us to be like everyone else, he doesn’t except us to fit in with what society tells us we should be. He wants you to embrace your differences and be unique. He will give you the courage and confidence to break out of your shell if you ask. If you think that there is nothing “special” or “different” about you…think again. God created you in his image, there is a whole lot of special just in that! Then you add on all the gifts he has blessed you with, you are one completely amazing human being! Sometimes it just takes a prayer, or a whole group of people to help bring that YOU out.

B O T T O M  L I N E:

You are the only one who is like you. You are the only one who has your story. You are unique. It is okay to be different, it is okay to show that to the word. Break away from conformity and let your heart shine. 

Published by

Rachel Lauren

FL // 22 // Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior

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