The fear of the unknown 
When did it start… when will it end
The sleepless nights… the restless mind
The lonesome cries eating away inside
Smiling & saying “it’s okay, I’m fine. I’m strong. It will pass. 
It’s just a season. It’s just not my time”
But the fear continues to grow 
Battling my mind of what I feel & what I know
Knowing my God is faithful
He’s good & he provides
Knowing he’s paved the path for me & gives me strength to survive 
& on the darkest of nights, his light always shines
For I know faith comes by hearing & hearing through the word of Christ
Surrendering seems simple, when you’re being washed in the water 
But the nights your mind seems lost I’m constantly reminded that it’s okay I’m HIS daughter 
The daughter of the King who’s love is so deep
That he sent his one and only son to die for me

Depression is real
But so is the cross
Reminding myself to be thankful 
Not to focus on what’s lost
But I’m only human & I’m honest enough to say
That my emotions can get the best of me & my mind goes astray 
Falling down to my knees & pleading for help
In whatever way I need that I don’t know myself
For I know he knows me best
And his will be done 
So relax my child, breathe deep & know
God’s got it handled
the battles already won.

Written by Bethany Judah

Published by

Rachel Lauren

FL // 22 // Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior

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