About a year ago I started sponsoring a young girl named Ludmylla through Compassion International. I felt extremely called to serve through the community and others any way I could. During the Compassion Experience weekend at my church, I was moved by the Holy Spirit to give and sponsor, sweet Ludmylla. I was fortunate enough to have extra money to do my part in giving life and spreading the gospel to this little girl.

Now, a year later, I was in the same place of wanting to do my part in giving life to these sweet kids, but financially I was not in a place to do so. After praying during the service and listening to my pastor speak, I knew in my heart I wanted to take up another child. I had zero idea how I was going to pay for two kiddos, but I was reminded that my God is greater and he will make a way for it to happen. I sponsored a young girl that night named Winnie and my heart was so overwhelmed with joy and faith in my God, who I knew would somehow provide the way for me to follow through financially.

The next day, I was contacted by a friend for a constant nanny position and I started regularly babysitting for another family. Therefore, I am able to provide for my two little girls who I cannot wait to watch grow up. I know to some, this may seem like a small or insignificant story, but it is a huge testimony to how great and faithful our God truly is. I have the means to spread his kingdom and make much of who HE is through loving on these sweet kids.

Even now a few weeks later, I am still blown away at how perfect God’s timing was and is, but I know that he knew EXACTLY what he was doing. I took a step out in faith, faith that God was going to provide for my financial needs, and it turned into a beautiful testimony.

Interested in Compassion International? Questions? Click the link here!!

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Rachel Lauren

FL // 22 // Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior


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