It’s time to stop being fake. To take off the makeup. To stop acting like you have it all together. To stop pretending that you are fine doing life all on your own.

Here, we don’t want your perfect, fake self. Here, I’m asking you to set aside the persona you put on for the world and just be you. I know that can be a hard thing to do, especially in this world we live in… that demands so much from us. I understand that it takes a lot to lay down the weight you’ve been carrying, but for your sake you have to lay it down.

If I am being honest, this is such a hard task for me to do daily, but I try my best to do it everyday. This is what I call having daily faith. Daily faith to wake up, say “Lord, I give my anxiety and control over things I have no control over to you.” I find myself stating this multiple times a day if something is laying heavy on my heart and on my mind.

Many times in life you will come to a crossroads about this matter. One road will require you to lay your baggage, dead weight, and unrealistic expectations at the stop post. The other road will require you to carry the weight yourself until it kills you and convince you that you can do it all on your own power. Each road will give you two different outcomes, one will allow you to walk free with Jesus and free from anxiety, dead weight, and baggage. The other will do the exact opposite and trust me, you will be miserable trying to do things your way.

There is such a freedom that comes from releasing and handing your problems and worries over to Christ. It’s hard to explain how great the peace of God it is unless you have experienced it yourself (then you know what I’m talking about). I know this is all easier said than done, but if you are bold enough to trust your life to Jesus then I promise your heart will have peace.

Published by

Rachel Lauren

FL // 22 // Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior

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