I was so inspired this morning to write and continue pursuing this passion and vision I have of using my writing and platform to draw others to the gospel. I watched a sermon from Transformation Church this morning and my heart was instantly inspired (I will leave the link down below for you to watch it and don’t worry, I’m not going to completely spoil the sermon here).

A point that I wanted to draw out and talk about from that sermon basically is summed up in one word – BEGIN. How many times have you started something or had a vision/calling to do something, but you look at your circumstances and think “I don’t have the means to carry this out”? Me too. I’ve been there. Specifically with this blog. I had the vision for a long time and did absolutely nothing about it. Now, having this blog for two years and taking that step in faith, I have more dreams and aspirations for my life that I have been hesitant to begin because I feel like “I don’t have the proper tools to start this project.” When in fact, God has provided the means necessary to start and begin this project idea I have. I don’t need tech savy equipment like I think I need. Truly, all I need is a pen and some paper. I think a problem that we have in this day and age is we always want more. We want what we don’t have. We want what others possess. We think, “if I just had THEIR life, I would be better off/happy.” It doesn’t help that we have access to information and can make purchases at the click of a button, and sometimes can use same-day delivery.

The cold, hard truth is… if you truly want something for your life, you have to get up and go after it. Your dreams won’t magically come true. For example, I truly do have faith and believe God’s plan for me is greater than what I can even imagine. I trust that his plan is the only one for me. Daily, I have to relinquish my plans over to God and hand him over my need for control. BUT, with that being said, that DOES NOT mean that I am going to sit and wait for things to work out before me. It, in fact, requires my energy and my effort. The same goes for you, my friend. If you have an idea that you want to come to life, first, console with God and make sure that it is what his will is for you, and second, put your idea to action! Begin! Start! It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

SO, with 2020 being a week away, I want to encourage you to NOT make a new years resolution list, because let’s be completely honest and open here, you will not follow through with it. Instead, I am proposing a different tactic that has worked for me this past year, just write three things that you would like to see a change in or three goals that you have that are PRACTICAL (key word here, people). To be honest, you don’t even need January 1, 2020, to start on that next project or to fill out that application. You just need to BEGIN. Everyone starts somewhere, but you will never get where you want to go if you don’t START. ***I will be sharing more in another blog coming this week on what I will be pursuing/prioritizing this upcoming year.

Link to the sermon mentioned in this blog –

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