Nothing is insignificant to God. Painful moments, happy moments, and everything in between are worth something to Him. He doesn’t waste a hurt. He doesn’t waste your time. He won’t ever waste your time. Now, that’s not to say you may not waste your own time, because let’s face it, we all waste our own time somehow doing something.

Now with talking about how God doesn’t waste your hurt, I think its fair game to bring up the topic of healing. Everyone heals differently. Everyone handles hurt and disappointment differently. Most people will choose to be alone, act like the hurt is nothing (basically brush things off), keep busy, or do anything to avoid the healing process. Some seek healing through deepening their relationship with God, turning to friends and community for love and support. Like I said, everyone heals differently, so I may not have even listed all the ways someone copes with hurt. But these are just examples of what I’ve experienced through friends or myself.

To make it personal, I was holding onto a lot of past hurts that were just dead weight. It finally clicked with me the other night that the only way I can move on with my life is if I let the past go. Which you may be thinking is common sense. The thing is, I had no clue until God reviled it to me that I was still holding onto things that. Holding on to disappointment that was lowkey dictating my actions now. I was holding on to past hopes and expectations that if I’m realistic, will still never come to be. I didn’t realize how tired and weary I was from carrying things with me that needed to be dropped a long time ago. So, it was at that moment. A moment of high anxiety that led me to complete (and I mean complete) surrender. A moment that led me to wholehearted forgiveness.

It all ends with forgiveness. Forgiving yourself and forgiving the one who hurt you. This is so dang hard to do. Actually showing grace and forgiveness is way easier said than done, but it will free you once you follow through with it. Only you and God will know the truth. Be honest with yourself. The deeper the hurt, the longer it may take for you to release and forgive. The simple truth is, is that you will never fully move on or heal if you don’t full-heartedly forgive either yourself or someone else.

I have to constantly remind myself of these three truths: This is all for his glory. All for his purpose. All for our benefit in the end.

Who are you to not show grace??? After all, Jesus laid his life down to forgive you of all your sins. So let your pride go. Show yourself some grace today. Take yourself down from the pedestal you’ve placed yourself on and show others the same grace God shows you every day.

Published by

Rachel Lauren

FL // 22 // Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior

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