God truly has been teaching me a lot these past few months of 2020. This new season of my life has been filled with so many highs, but also accompanied with a few lows. One of those lows being that I have had to take a slight step back from writing and podcasting.

Don’t get me wrong, right now I am truly so on fire for the Lord. I want to do everything and anything I can right now to continue to expand the kingdom and serve. HOWEVER, the fact of the matter is, that I cannot do everything and anything. There are only so many hours in the day, there is only so much I am able to do… which seems to be sort of a slap in the face for me. I’m the kind of person who wants to do it all, and having to face the fact that I am unable to do everything in this moment has been hard for me.

Which brings me into the truth that even though I want to do it all… I want to have unlimited time to do ALL the things… work, serve at church, write, podcast, cultivate & grow my relationships/friendships, take care of myself, focus on health and fitness, and most importantly spend time with the Lord… God is the only one who is limitless; He is the only one who is able to do all the things if he so wishes. Unlike me. I’m only human and being a human means you are limited.

So, I’ve had to truly look at my life and prioritize my responsibilities according to the season I am in right now. I do believe that your priorities change depending on the season you are in. You have to adapt, change, and move with the flow of the Lord and his plans.

For me, I’ve had to really make spending time with the Lord, taking care of myself, work, and being with family the priority. Which means some other things I care about are not on the top of the list and have to take less of a priority in my life. AND THIS IS OKAY. It is okay to step back from activities and people. At first I had a hard time with this, I didn’t want to disappoint people for not putting out constant content with my blog and podcast… I didn’t want to hurt any friends by not being able to hangout, but I know that it is for my own sake and health (mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically) that this has been the right decision.

The Lord has given me such a peace about this decision which is why I know that it’s right for this season. Praying about it and bringing situations to the Lord, like this one is so important. I mean, why would you not want God involved in your decision making process? After all, he’s the one who is ultimately in control. Being on staff now with church, we have a code of conduct. One of those conducts being : PRAY FIRST, DECIDE SECOND. Sounds easy, right? Sounds like something we should all being doing, right? This is something that hasn’t come easy to me if I’m being honest. I am a control freak by nature (if you know you know lol) so surrendering over control to the Lord is something I have to pray about and follow through with daily. I’m not always perfect, but I continue to put my full trust into the only one who is perfect.

This is just another example in my life of God being constant and faithful. He brought me into this season and placed all these opportunities at my feet NOT so that I could figure it all out on my own, but so that I would continue to lean into him to show me the way. There is absolutely nothing God would lead you into if he wasn’t going to be by your side every step of the way. He is that good… he is that faithful that he would stick by your side, carry you even down the path he put you on.

I’m not sure what your season of life looks like now. I’m not sure where you are at in your faith walk, or if you even know Jesus at all. But let me tell you, there is a time and a place for everything. There is a time to live and a time to die. There is a time to hustle and a time to rest. There is a time to pursue and a time to let go. There is a time of singleness and a time of marriage. There is a time and place for everything. God is in control of it all. His ways are significantly better and higher than our own. His timing is perfect.

If you’ve gotten this far, my prayer for you is that you learn to surrender control over to the Father. That you look at your priorities in life and see where you are lacking and invite God into your priorities and decision making. Don’t allow others to belittle you for doing so. It is wise and obedient to recognize what the Lord wants for you and to align your thoughts and desires with his RATHER than trying to make God align with what you want in life. I pray you have the vulnerability to relinquish control over to him daily, hourly, minutely. Amen.

Published by

Rachel Lauren

FL // 22 // Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior


  1. Once again, I am simply amazed at your complete transparency…..and inspired by your faithfulness and willingness to seek Him first, before all else!

    As your Father, I couldn’t be more proud of you ❤️

    Bob Pues (904) 571-6218 pues.bob@gmail.com


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