I recently watched, Only The Brave, a film inspired and dedicated to the Granite Mountain Hotshots who tragically lost their lives to the Yarnell Hill Fire in the summer of 2013. 

When I researched more into the story after watching the movie, my heart was filled with so many different emotions. My heart truly goes out to the families who lost their loved ones. I have not personally gone through any situation similar, but I could only imagine the impact it had on the families and all that were impacted by this tragic event. Pain, loss, heartbreak. I pray that the loved ones of these fallen heroes know how much of an impact they have made. While their story is heartbreaking, I can see how God has used this story to inspire and touch many. 

I hope that our country never forgets the ones who have so selflessly given their lives to protect the people of this country. We owe more than a thank you to the ones who give their time and their life to protect ours. I think it is so important to recognize these men along with many more men and women representing our country. 

To me and many others, these men are heroes who even though I never knew one of the 19 men, I know that their story has impacted me in such a way I pray their legacy that they left never fades. I am truly inspired by this story as well as the men. I am thankful that their story was shared so that many as able to learn and share their heroism. The courage, strength, and selflessness these men, like many others who have and are serving our country should never go unnoticed. Truly it is my prayer that we all can exemplify their heroism and selflessness in our everyday lives. That these are the types of heroes our future kids should be looking up to. God has called so many to serve our country and what a beautiful calling it is. Our country is blessed to have the bravest men and women protecting us and fighting for us.

I hope you take the time to learn about this story of the fallen 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots. I am sure they will inspire you just as their story has inspired me.