Atlanta, GA.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

65,000 plus college students.

1,214,075 million dollars (I’m sure the numbers have increased) donated to the Share Light initiative, which enables the gospel to be shared to those who do not have the Bible in their own language.

One motive— to lift high the name of Jesus in complete surrender.

I’ve never seen anything like it before. I have never been apart of something SO huge, but at the same time so intimate. To be able to worship, praise, learn, & glorify MY God with so many others who all have their faith in Jesus was breathtaking and honestly I was in shock/ awe the whole time.

I went with the 1825 group from my church only knowing one person and I went home having more Christ centered relationships than I honestly thought. Our two leaders, shoutout to Tonya & Jonathan, did an amazing at making sure everyone felt comfortable and apart of the family. There is such a need for community within this age range and I’m thankful I stepped out of my comfort zone to find community and relationships. It’s very easy to isolate yourself and think you don’t need anyone to do life with, but I can assure you that the enemy would love nothing more than for you to feel and be alone. SO PLEASE, get connected and find community. You don’t have to be alone in your walk with Christ.

As believers, I feel like we take our faith, beliefs, and freedom for granted. We are SO blessed to be able to proclaim the word and truth of Jesus without having to worry if our life will end because of it. However, scripture does say that to live is Christ and to die is gain. We should be living our life out for Christ and if we are persecuted for doing so than it is an eternal life gain/ reward. Without getting too in depth on this topic, I just want all of us as believers to really soak in the fact that we are extremely fortunate to live in a country that allows us to gather together in a football stadium for 3 straight days to worship JESUS.

Passion 2020 was an experience I will never forget and honestly I will be going every year until I can’t go anymore. The heart change I experience and the awakening in my heart just set my soul on fire. My heart has a deeper desire for Jesus and to draw others to him. So much so, that I signed up to go to Costa Rica for a mission trip with my church. I never thought I’d go on a mission trip. I’ve come up with a billion and one excuses for why I shouldn’t go and why someone else should go. I am over living a life of fear.

Tough love here — if you want change, get up and do it. You cannot live a life waiting for others to do what you want to see. I want to draw others to Jesus through my testimony and I can only do that by going to the places others may not want to go. I am so expectant does what God is going to do. He is a miracle worker and a way maker. I have no doubt he is going to radically change lives and hearts on this trip.

I am asking for lots of prayers in between now and the trip for myself, my team, the people we will be impacting, and for God to do wonders (which I know he will). Along with prayers, I would be extremely grateful if you would join in supporting me for this trip. While you may not be able to go with me to Costa Rica, you can support the trip. You can follow this link below and select my name to support my funds!

Thank you in advance for the love, prayers, and donations. I am extremely grateful that I have a supportive community who supports my writing and love for Jesus.

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Rachel Lauren

FL // 22 // Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior

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